PORTFOLIO > Sky, Sea & Landscape Oil Paintings

My goal in this series of paintings is to not focus on merely copying what I see in nature, but rather to observe and "feel" the natural world, deduce its essence and then retell that essence in a representational way that I hope will move and inspire the viewer on an emotional, psychological and spiritual level, and will connect the viewer to a deeper understanding of the mystical that is present in all of life. The beauty and elegance of nature captivates, but within that beauty there is much more occurring. Things that may not be immediately present or noticeable. On the surface the landscape awes and inspires the viewer, but disguised is what lies within and what lies beneath the surface? Is our Mother Nature sick? Is she dying? Is she suffering and wounded? Are we loving her to death? Do we see this when we view a sunset? Is nature our mirror, our canary in the coal mine? Are we too suffering and wounded, unable to reveal what lies beneath our exterior self? These are the questions I attempt to explore and hope will inspire the viewer to also reflect on.