PORTFOLIO > Three-Dimensional Works

Creating three-dimensional objects is relatively new endeavor for me. Like all of my work these forms are inspired by organic shapes and patterns in nature. A rock or boulder, a decaying tree trunk, a piece of lichen, twisted contorted branches, the base of an uprooted tree, the patterns on bark, and so much more inspire and inform my work. When I observe these natural objects, I immediately see organic sculptural forms, and it is from this place that my creations spring forth.

Tactile, textural, organic shapes emerge from an inner place unknown and unnamed, as I begin working intuitively and with no preconceived notion or plan. While in this place of “play,” I manipulate materials until the form begins to emerge. There is always an element of surprise and mystery as to how this process seems to give birth to the subsequent forms on its own. This process of emergence, parallels the human process of becoming and unfolding whether physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual. We humans and nature are always engaged in a cosmic dance of change whether we are aware of it or not. Trusting in that process, letting the discovery unfold and come forth is the beauty of growth transformation and renewal.